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Welcome to TheScope.net

Improve your chances of success on Medical and Engineering by acquiring certification in our STEM certifications.


Everything that revolves around the study of natural forces and how matter and energy interact with each other.


The study of applying scientific knowledge to practical aims of human life to make life easy and convenient.


A science of problem-solving. Everything around us, from infrastructure to the devices we communicate with.


The study of science that deals with the logic of shape, quantity, and arrangement. Math is omnipresent everywhere.

Our Subjects

Reading Clubs

In the digital world, technology is rapidly changing. As a result, job opportunities are also constantly evolving. If you’re currently working… Know more


We have added a calendar feature to every student's profile. It is a very diversified feature and help our student in learning and keeping track of... Know more

Social Connections

We strongly believe in connection and communication, so we create a profile for every student on our portal during registration. It... Know more

Crossword Puzzles

We believe in growing age, and kids must do mental activities to help them obtain better concentration and learning abilities. And to cater to this... Know more

Diary Entries

The best tools in thescope, you probably know that we love using AI to make our lives easier. We see the potential for it in almost any field of study and profession,... Know more

A Working Model

TheScope.net STEM education has been proven time and again to be a driving force in the development of innovative and critical thinking skills in students... Know more


Our program is one of the most practical programs, with proper guidance and help provided to the kids to learn and understand the concept of... Know more

Cognitive IQ Tests

Our program provides a cognitive IQ test as part of our program. These different IQ test helps in the mental growth of the kid and enhance their... Know more

Supervision & Control

The online platform has pros and cons for your kid; we want you to decide what content they should consume online. Therefore, we have created an inbuilt parental... Know more

Privacy in Cloud

Our Privacy Policy protects the data we collect about you when you use our products or services or interact with us unless a different policy is displayed.... Know more

What you get every month

STEM Projects based on your preferences

We believe in providing tailor made STEM based projects for your kid to help them grow, evolve, and learn things in a new and more efficient manner.

High-quality materials

High-quality materials and detailed step-by-step instructions.

Creators guide

Proper guidance to the kids and help them understand concept in a way that stays with them forever.

Design exploration

Get inspired and develop creative problem-solving skills with various design challenges.

Our Working Models

Choose your career path with STEM program

Today’s top careers require Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills.

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