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TheScope.net has paved its trajectory of growth. To achieve that, we are currently focusing on getting the following primary Affiliation to scale up and take a step toward a growth chart.

We are already in the initial stage of getting Affiliation from NISE, FIU, Stem.org and the University of Miami. Then we aim to get an affiliation with STEM partner program. These affiliations will provide a firm base for our business model. Finally, we are trying to leap our growth by planning our association with different 1st and 2nd tier Colleges. College affiliation will give us mass expansion and credibility, creating stature and goodwill. So far, our growth trajectory shows a positive curve with all the exemplary efforts to make it a success. The product we hold is unique and untouched in the market, giving us a first mover advantage. Our unique program, such as a STEM genius Certification or our online one-sign-in portal, is a significant traffic captivator. These benefits are impressive, hold value, and can help the aspirants' growth trajectory. 

Partner Program:

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Today’s top careers require Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills.

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