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The new demands for education are evolving. The sudden pandemic attack and the accelerating trend of COVID-19 made Digitalisation not an option but a necessity. With the enormous disturbance to the world's employment and education. The world saw the need to adapt to new skills. Learning is the key to that modification and to avail new opportunities it creates.

Ways of learning have also seen a massive change to keep up with the same, the business of education is changing more direct to consumer, less formal, and more skill based.

TheScope.net introduced a new way of learning, i.e., STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In addition, we provide a subscription model for different subjects and grades. Feeding them a portal through which they can communicate with diverse learners worldwide. Learners, students, employers, institutions, and educators are our customers now. The interlude between employment and learning is narrowing - employers are becoming the future universities. Hence, we have introduced a program that helps provide relevant education, which allows them in the long run.

Reading Clubs

In the digital world, technology is rapidly changing. As a result, job opportunities are also constantly evolving. If you’re currently working in the STEM field or are looking for a career that revolves around science, technology, engineering, and math certification; then you will be happy to know that there are now reading clubs designed to help you grow in these fields. Know more


We have added a calendar feature to every student's profile. It is a very diversified feature and helps our students in learning and keep track of their upcoming events. In addition, it helps the kid remember historical dates or significant events in science by adding them to the calendar. They can also keep track of their upcoming reading club event, a call for group studies, and many more. They can also Map their future sitting to get a reminder for that.

Social Connection

We strongly believe in connection and communication, so we create a profile for every student on our portal during registration. It acts like an identity for them, and they can use this to connect with different kids worldwide to collaborate on quizzes/puzzles. It also works as a report card, and the kids can see their and other children's progress; this creates an environment of healthy competition and the positive urge in our children to do better every day. Know more

Crossword puzzles

We believe in growing age, and kids must do mental activities to help them obtain better concentration and learning abilities. And to cater to this need, we have given kids an open platform to build crossword puzzles that help them review the definition of challenging vocabulary words. Also, this will help them in science, social studies, reading and even mathematics.

Dairy Entries

The best tools in thescope, you probably know that we love using AI to make our lives easier. We see the potential for it in almost any field of study and profession, and if you’re studying the sciences or agriculture, then that means agricultural sciences! It is essential to keep notes of everything, whether it is a subject you are studying or a character that intrigued you a lot. Know more

Working Model

TheScope.net STEM education has been proven time and again to be a driving force in the development of innovative and critical thinking skills in students. As a result, the demand for TheScope.net STEM-related degree programs continues to grow rapidly. In fact, over the past decade, TheScope.net STEM fields have consistently been among the fastest growing college majors. Know more

STEM Genius

Our program is one of the most practical programs, with proper guidance and help provided to the kids to learn and understand the concept of Science, Technology and Engineering. In addition, we allow kids to interact with each other worldwide and help them grow. Our subscription model works structurally: when they complete the program and clear all their examinations, they will get a "STEM Genius Certification."

Cognitive IQ tests

Our program provides a cognitive IQ test as part of our program. These different IQ test helps in the mental growth of the kids and enhance their concentration and focusing ability. The Test also allows kids to self-examine their capability and see how they can accelerate their performance.

Supervision & Control

The online platform has pros and cons for your kid; we want you to decide what content they should consume online. Therefore, we have created an inbuilt parental control feature to assist parents in their ability to restrict certain content viewable by their children. There may be content deemed inappropriate for their age, maturity level, or feel it is aimed more at a different audience. This parental control feature lets you monitor, control and assist your kid's viewership online and manage it accordingly.

Privacy in Cloud

Our Privacy Policy protects the data we collect about you when you use our products or services or interact with us unless a different policy is displayed. At The Scope.net, we offer a wide range of products, including our cloud, server and data centre products. We refer to all of these products and our other services and websites as "Services" in this policy. We make sure all your data is intact and not exposed to anyone and any website.



TheScope.net has paved its trajectory of growth. To achieve that, we are currently focusing on getting the following primary Affiliation to scale up and take a step toward a growth chart.

We are already in the initial stage of getting Affiliation from NISE, FIU, Stem.org and the University of Miami. Then we aim to get an affiliation with STEM partner program. These affiliations will provide a firm base for our business model. Finally, we are trying to leap our growth by planning our association with different 1st and 2nd tier Colleges. College affiliation will give us mass expansion and credibility, creating stature and goodwill. So far, our growth trajectory shows a positive curve with all the exemplary efforts to make it a success. The product we hold is unique and untouched in the market, giving us a first mover advantage. Our unique program, such as a STEM genius Certification or our online one-sign-in portal, is a significant traffic captivator. These benefits are impressive, hold value, and can help the aspirants' growth trajectory. 

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Integrating TheScope.net LMS With Other Systems and Migrating Legacy Data:

LMS Implementation: Integration and Migration

Improved data management:

Integrating a Learning Management System (LMS) with other learning delivery systems can be a game changer. Seamlessly integrating many different types of L&D and software applications into one centralized platform makes it possible to create flexible, personalized learning experiences for TheScope.net students. Integrating LMS with other learning systems could be a game changer. In addition to allowing academic faculty to track and analyze student data efficiently, it can provide several other benefits. Using one system to manage all aspects of online tutoring can ensure that all learners have a consistent experience. Integrating LMS with an application like Canvas can create flexible interactive optimized for organizing the best contents on Stem programs. We are ahead of team players in Learning and doing (L&D).

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